Maya Dardel

"Lena Olin is fierce... matched by the equally strong Rosanna Arquette."

The New York Times

The Wall of Mexico

"Bloody brilliant."

- Film Threat

When I'm a Moth

History, news, fake news, fake history. When I'm a Moth follows one week in the life of Hillary,
a twenty-one year old woman in Valdez, Alaska, in 1969. She befriends a pair of Japanese immigrant fishermen, to whom she struggles to explain her confusion about fiction and reality and her desire to become a politician. 


Lena Olin Revises the Strong Woman Archetype in 'Maya Dardel'
The great Swedish actress tells us about her latest movie—and shares her thoughts on the uses and abuses of power.
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Haugesund: Yellow Affair Falls for ‘Maya Dardel’ (EXCLUSIVE)
The Scandinavian sales outfit Yellow Affair has picked up all rights outside North America and South America on the Lena Olin vehicle "Maya Dardel."
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Biopic Actor on Playing Young Hillary Clinton: 'She’s Not Afraid of Being Intimidating'
Addison Timlin accepted the role of Hillary Clinton in the upcoming When I’m a Moth biopic when the winner of the 2016 election was yet to be determined. Now, the 25-year-old actress is discussing what it was like to portray a young…
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A Hillary Clinton Movie Is Coming
A Hillary Clinton film is finally on the way. The upcoming indie movie When I'm a Moth focuses on the year Clinton—then Rodham—spent working odd jobs in Alaska, in between graduating from college and going to law…
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Get Ready To See A Young Hillary Clinton Gut Fish In An Upcoming Movie
When I’m a Moth” depicts 22-year-old Clinton in the summer of 1969, between her Wellesley College graduation and years of law school. She used the time to take a road trip to Alaska, where she worked odd jobs, including gutting…
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Founded in 2014 by Zachary Cotler and Magdalena Zyzak, the company makes narrative films governed by the concerns of poetry and literary fiction. The first production was Maya Dardel, a film about poets, sex, and time. It premiered in competition at SXSW and was released by Samuel Goldwyn and Orion Pictures. The company's new films are a pair of parables: When I'm a Moth, about the incoherence of American politics and the impossibility of biographical truth; and The Wall of Mexico, about borders, youth, and the myth of the American dream. Both films will be released by Dark Star Pictures.


Zachary wrote and directed Maya Dardel (2017), The Wall of Mexico (2020), and When I'm a Moth (2021). He is the author of a novel, Ghost at the Loom (2014), and a critical monograph, Elegies for Humanism (2015), as well as several prize-winning books of poetry.


Magdalena wrote and directed Maya Dardel (2017). She directed The Wall of Mexico (2020) and When I'm a Moth (2021). She wrote and produced Redland (2010). Her novel, The Ballad of Barnabas Pierkiel, was published by Henry Holt in 2014.


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