The Wall of Mexico

Don, a young handyman, is hired by the Aristas, a wealthy Mexican-American family with two outrageously decadent daughters. The source of the Aristas' wealth is a mystery to Don. Living in nearby Winfield, he soon learns tensions are high between the Aristas and the poor white townspeople, and that this has something to do with the Aristas’ well. Don learns the Aristas are selling well-water at alarming prices. Don becomes infatuated with the younger daughter, Tania. As the water level drops, possibly from theft, the situation comes to a boil, and the Aristas decide to build a massive wall.

"A provocative fable... tickles the imagination." 

- The Hollywood Reporter

"A contact high."

- The Austin Chronicle

"Quite the allegorical response to the Trump administration."

- Solzy at the Movies

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Jackson Rathbone Donovan Taylor
Esai Morales Henry Arista
Marisol Sacramento Tania Arista
Carmela Zumbado Ximena Arista
Mariel Hemingway Mayor Ann Mason
Xander Berkeley Michael Rand
Moises Arias Cokestraw
Alex Meneses Monica Arista
Blake Lindsley Sergeant Polk


Directed by Zachary Cotler
Magdalena Zyzak
Written by Zachary Cotler
Producers Marla Arreola
Sarahi Castro
Adrian Durazo
Executive Producers Craig R. Johnson
Patrick Cassavetti
Co-Producer Marius Vilunas
Director of Photography Lyn Moncrief
Original Score Zachary Cotler
Editor Gabriel Foster Prior
Production Design Tomas Owen
Costume Design Aaron Tintos Garcia
Production Sound Mixer Raúl Cebreros
Sound Design Nick Baldock
Casting Sig De Miguel
Stephen Vincent
Original Art Mely Barragán
Daniel Ruanova
Álvaro Blancarte
Original Kimono Design Joanna Hawrot
Hair and Makeup Ariel Leon