When I'm a Moth

The "real" Hillary Rodham Clinton worked very briefly at a salmon processing plant in Valdez, Alaska, in the summer of 1969. The fictional Hillary of When I’m a Moth befriends a pair of Japanese immigrant fishermen, to whom she struggles to explain her confusion about fiction and reality and her desire to become a politician. 


Addison Timlin Hillary
TJ Kayama Ryohei
Toshiji Takeshima Mitsuru


Directed by Zachary Cotler
Magdalena Zyzak
Written by Zachary Cotler
Producers Magdalena Zyzak
Zachary Cotler
Executive Producers Craig R. Johnson
Mike S. Ryan
Director of Photography Lyn Moncrief
Sound Design Jamie Mcphee
Costume Design Sekyiwa Wi-Afedzi
Editor Kant Pan
Casting Sig De Miguel
Stephen Vincent
Production Sound Mixer Vladimir Fedulov